Mini Dental Implants Vs. Dental Implants

In order to achieve a natural and beautiful smile, there are two dental procedures, which can help achieve this goal. In Wood Dale, IL, dental patients undergo procedures involving the use of prosthetic implants. The two implants, which are, used on a wide scale, in Wood Dale, Illinois are dental implants and mini dental implants. A number of factors are assessed to help determine which implant procedure is best for the patient.

Dental practitioners such as Raj Puri, DDS, stress the benefits of treatments using both traditional and mini dental implants. They also aid patients in being able to decide which of the two implants will be more beneficial to meet individual requirement needs for each patient.

Traditional dental implants were seen to be groundbreaking when they were first introduced as a viable tooth replacement. Dental implants became the first treatment that provided patients with long lasting stability in dental prosthetic procedure. They reduced the need for surrounding structures on the mouth and traditional implants are still used today. They are often used to replace a broken, damaged, or missing tooth. They also assist with the stabilizing of other dental prosthetics such as bridges and crowns.

Mini dental implants when compared with traditional implants are similar in nature. The difference between them is that mini dental implants are smaller than more original dental implants.

In Wood Dale, IL, traditional dental implants are more expensive than the mini dental implants. This is due to the fact that mini dental implants are smaller, using less material therefore making them more cost effective than their counterparts.

Procedures that use the mini dental implants are also less invasive and patients often only require a single treatment. Dental implants on the other hand, require numerous treatments in order for the procedure to be complete. They are also more invasive procedures compared to those using the mini dental implants. This raises the cost of traditional dental implants.

Both traditional dental implants and mini dental implants have both benefits and downfalls, so how will you know which dental implant treatment is the best option for you? Visit Raj Puri, DDS in Wood Dale, IL for a consultation and we’ll help you to determine which treatment will get you that perfect smile.