Accreditation & Awards

I have the luxury of having one of the best and most fulfilling jobs in the world. To be a dentist means to be an educator and a healer, to be an honest and respected member of our communities. I feel that it is my responsibility to never stop learning and always keep helping. I believe that the team I work with and the families of patients who allow me to treat them affect everything I do in my life and how I live my life.

I try to have passion for everything I do in life, but within dentistry, my passion lies in helping others feel better, smile more, and increase their dental IQs. I chose to join the oral healthcare field because I wanted to make a difference and change the way everyone looked at dentistry. I wanted to show people that the dentist is not someone to be feared, but that they can do their jobs in a pain-free way, educate others, and lead a team to achieve amazing goals.

Education and Continuing Education

I completed my dental training at the University of Illinois-Chicago College of Dentistry, but my education did not stop there. I am a great believer in a lifestyle of continued learning and discovery, and stay passionate for my work by knowing that dentistry is always advancing in technology and techniques to better serve our patients. This is what excites me most about my work; we are in a field where we can continue to learn and evolve with our team and patients to bring dentistry to a higher level. Continuing education allows me to provide the best care possible and to stay on the cutting-edge in dentistry for myself and my patients. I take hundreds of hours of CE's every year.

Professional Affiliations

  • Chicago Dental Society — Western Suburban Branch
  • Illinois State Dental Society
  • American Dental Association
  • Indian Dental Association of Illinois, Board Member
  • United States Dental Institute

Outside the Office

A native of Chicago, I now reside in Roselle with my wife, Shannon, our two children, and our dog, Baron. My family is the center of my world, so my time outside the office is devoted to them, whether we’re just at home or on weekend outings. I also have a enthusiasm for traveling and look forward to exploring new places as often as I can.

I am involved in numerous community organizations dedicated to advancing dentistry in our area. I participate in career days at local schools, am active with the Chamber of Commerce, and volunteer with the Mission of Mercy and the Indian Dental Association of Illinois Free Clinic and Not-for-Profit Organization. These programs mean a lot for me because they stand for a way to show everyone how dentistry has changed over the years, educate our future generations, and help as many people as possible by giving back all that dentistry has given to me.